​​From complete full nut and bolt restorations, resprays or panel painting we do it all. 

Full nut and bolt restorations involve just some of the following:

  • Test run of the tractor to distinguish any faults etc
  • Any faults, leaks, rectified and then re-tested
  • Complete strip down to bare skid unit
  • Remove old paint / rust etc down to bare metal
  • Selected working parts, nuts and bolts are zinc electroplated 
  • Paint process begins, etch primer, followed by premium quality filler primer, and of course a 2k top coat is then applied.
  • All parts are painted individually and then rebuilt using newly zinc plated nuts and bolts. 
  • Finshed tractor is then ran and tested, then polished and ready for presentation to the customer. 

Originality is key when restoring a tractor and we will go the extra mile to retain the originality of your tractor when restoring it. With every tractor that we restore, we aim to create a balance between originality and 'better than how the tractor left the factory.' This balance is what we believe creates a concourse tractor; Small features such as original decals, badges, clocks etc are all key in keeping your pride and joy original, and exactly the reason why we will go to all lengths to save and or source these.

 We use 2k paint with all our paintwork and this brings a showroom shine to the tractor, something that no concourse restoration would be without.  



TEL: 07788 628 184



TEL: 0161 962 1322 

MOB: 07788 628 184

Need that finishing touch to your restoration?

We offer a panel painting facility; this is a process where we can repair, prep and paint your panels, wheels or anything you require. 

We can offer a paint matching facility so that whatever you decide to have painted will match the rest of your tractor etc. 

As with all our paintwork only the best quality 2k paints will be used in order to create the best possible showroom finish.